About Us


Pursuit of Wisdom Coaching was created by us - Lorna and Jac.

 We are twin sisters living in Scotland, with a passion for working with children and a mission to coach and empower children to change this world for the better.  We want to help families and educators to raise calm, confident and happy children. 

Together, we combined our years of experience in Teaching, Children’s Occupational Therapy, Life Coaching and meditation to create our coaching programs for you and your child. 


As parents ourselves we know that you are the expert on your child. It is only by working together that we can support and empower your child to reach their fullest potential.

Our approach is to use a combination of stories, games, short meditations and activities. We created these resources ourselves to appeal to children so they won't even feel like they are learning.




•Lorna is children’s Occupational Therapist and Life Coach, she lives with her family and her dog in the West coast of Scotland. Through her work and as a mother of two young children Lorna became aware of the importance of mindset when children face adversity and challenge; it’s the key ingredient to success. As an Occupational Therapist Lorna works with the medium of play and fun as the principal ‘occupation’ of childhood, and this lead very naturally to developing a programme that uses stories, games and activities to teach valuable life skills to children and those young at heart. 



Jac is a Primary School Teacher and mindset author, she lives with her family and two dogs in the West Coast of Scotland. She has witnessed first-hand the impact that Mindset, both Growth and Fixed, can have; when she saw that some children just believe that certain lessons are just ‘not for them; they are not gifted in that particular area of learning so they give up before they even begin. By using Growth Mindset coaching techniques, Jac is able to support children realise their true potential just by helping them change their Mindset. Jac has always loved writing stories and she is passionate about supporting children build their mental strength through storytelling.