Discovery Session

The First Step Is A Discovery Session with Lorna

If you are considering Coaching for your child the first step is to book a discovery session.

Within the hour session, we will work together to explore the areas of concern you have and what you would wish to change and be different after coaching.  

During this session you will experience our style of Coaching and we shall cover a topic related to your challenge or current difficulty.  Often this first session is enough to get you started and thinking about the challenge in a different way. 

We would follow up the Discovery session with an overview of the coaching we covered, and some take-home ideas for you to continue to practice.  We will also design you a bespoke Life Coaching Programme, based on your answers in the discover session; then the choice is yours.

You may feel that the discovery session was sufficient and that the key issues have been resolved. Or, you may decide that the bespoke Life Coaching Programme will get you the transformation you are looking for and want to take that opportunity. 

How Lorna Helped Hope   

Hope is a 10-year-old girl who was having a hard time at school and at home. 

At the Discovery session Hope told me, “I am happy with my friends and family and playing games but I would like to be less anxious and do more fun stuff that my worries are stopping me doing.  If I don’t wet the bed then I can get on with more things and not feel scared because I might smell.” 

During the discovery session, Hope and her mum were able to get clear about the specific changes they wanted to see through Life Coaching;

1. For Hope, wanted to understand different techniques to cope when she is feeling stressed and worried about something.

2. For Hope to be able to produce work at school without panicking.

3. For Hope not to tense up in a different situation and use others strategies to overcome her fear.  

4. For Hope to take responsibility for her bed-wetting problem and what to do when it happens.

5. For Hope to take responsibility when she makes a mistake and realise that making mistakes is part of normal life.

From this information we developed a bespoke 8-week Life Coaching Mindset programme to help Hope achieve these aims… and more.   Keep reading below  to see how Lorna helped Hope with an 8 week Coaching programme. 

Discovering A Happier Future

Life has many challenges, and we all need help at some point. 

Contact us and we will work together to help your child be the happiest they can be.

Coaching Sessions

Discovery Session


 If you are considering Coaching, the first step is to book a Discovery Session. 

Within this session we will work together to explore the areas of concern you have and what you would wish to change and be different after coaching.  

8-Week Programme


An 8-week Life Coaching Programme based on your discovery session. 

Supported by unique stories and resources, and can be taken in person face-to-face or by yourselves at home.

Individual Coaching



Best where a specific area needs to be addressed.

Individual coaching is for you and your child to work one-to-one as we guide  you through a bespoke coaching programs. 


8-Week Programme

Bespoke Coaching

 After a Discovery Session, we developed a bespoke 8-week Life Coaching Mindset programme to help Hope achieve her aims… and more.  

Here is what the programme overview covered.  

1. Understanding your belief system - What we believe about ourselves can support us or hold us back.  When we discover a limiting belief, we can rewrite it to support our goals.

2.Creating possibilities – We have a habit or backing ourselves into our comfort zone, where we feel safe and secure, unfortunately our dreams happen outside of our comfort zone so to achieve big dreams we have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our comfort zone and create possibilities for greatness.

3.Understanding neural pathways – our brain is made up of thousands of connections, when we do something, we have a connection for we feel safe, when we do something we have never done before (something out of our comfort zone) we can panic.  When we learn this, we can understand worry and anxiety in a different way and take different action.

4.Creating self-confidence.  Confidence is a choice, once you decide to be on your own winning team the sky's the limit!

5.Choosing self-talk.  What you say to yourself, some people call it their inner critic, that little voice that whispers ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘you can’t do it’ is your self-talk so we want to change that frequency to positive vibes and turn down the negative.

6. Overcoming Fear Danger is real fear is imagining something might happen in the future and it stops you progressing forward.  Fear can be about your own abilities, like not being able to score the penalty under pressure or  it can be about what others may think of you, like not answering a question in class in case others think you are a teacher’s pet, or it could be not knowing what to expect like going to a new club for the first time.  Fear can steal a lot of your time worrying about stuff that might not even happen so let’s find a way to beat it, for good.  

7. Managing mistakes.  Sometimes we can be so worried about getting something wrong that it puts us off from even trying.  Here we coach using a tool that helps children (and adults) manage mistakes so that there is learning from them and a letting go so the mistake doesn’t haunt us for the rest of our lives, shaping all our others choices.  

8. Self-responsibility Being able to stand up owning all your own behaviour, emotions, actions and decisions is very powerful, so powerful in fact that once you learn this you will never be ‘bossed’ by an adult again.  You can find out how Hope got on in our Testimonial section.  

Help Your Child

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