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Pursuit of Wisdom Coaching is proud to present our ‘Wise for My Size’ programme.

The Wise for My Size Programme helps young people to develop soaring self-esteem, strong self-confidence, achieve their goals, manage mistakes, handle stress and anxiety, build resilience and deal with peer pressure.  

Wise for My Size Library

Cass and the Little Flower

Cass and the Little Flower

Cass and the Little Flower


Little Flower is finding life on the building site tough, luckily, her friend Cass knows just what to do

This book helps children who worry about fitting in, learn that their greatest gift is standing out. 

Coming soon in 2020

The Worry

Cass and the Little Flower

Cass and the Little Flower

The worry pursuit of wisdom coaching book

When Alfie has a worry, Gran knows just how to help

This book helps children who worry, learn how to find courage, confidence andcuriosity and learn that they can handle any worries in their lives.

I Can't Harry

Cass and the Little Flower

THe Worry Workbook

I can't Harry Pursuit of wisdom coaching book

 I Can’t Harry – the boy who thought that he couldn’t

This book helps children who believe that they can’t, learn that by changing what they say to themselves means that they can do anything they dream.  

Coming soon in 2020

THe Worry Workbook

Ayann and the Camel

THe Worry Workbook


A beautiful handbook accompanies each story book and supports you to coach your own child.  

Follow our six-step wisdom process to support your child to become wise for their size

Ntombi's Path

Ayann and the Camel

Ayann and the Camel


Will Ntombi have enough courage to face the challenge of the dense forest and realise her dream?

This book helps children who are facing a challenge, push out of their comfort zone and  find the courage and tools to build a life without limits.


Ayann and the Camel

Ayann and the Camel

Ayann and the Camel


Ayaan is desperate to head to market but his camel has other ideas – will they ever agree?

This book helps children who have a limiting belief, learn how to re-write thier belief-system so that nothing holds them back. 


Coming Soon in 2020


Catriona and Angus

When Catriona has a problem a teacher turns up, but it is not who she is expecting.

This book helps children who give up easily in the face of challenge, learn how to overcome hurdles and show determination, so that challenges become bumps in the road, rather than  full stops. 

The Imaginary World of Ruby Ripple

Ruby Ripple is bored until she uncovers her secret superpower – her imagination!

This book helps children who struggle to fill their time and look outwards for entertainment, find the power of their own imagination so that they can be happy and content and dream big for their future.

Florrie Tiddlypush

 Florrie longs to be a good fairy but with no fairy wings and unable to master all the spells; maybe her talents lie elsewhere? 

This book helps children who find it difficult to see their own unique talents and skills and often compare themselves to others, learn how to value their own uniqueness.

Princess Perfect

Princess Perfect cannot wait to welcome back her cousin, the Duchess, but will her perfect plan result in the perfect day?

This book helps children who are fearful of making mistakes, develop skills and attitudes so that they can enjoy the journey of learning and realise that life’s mistakes are actually life’s lessons. 

Vincent the Vegetarian Vampire Bat

 Life for a Vampire Bat is hard enough, but when you are a sectret vegetarian,it is even tougher

This book helps children who have experienced teasing and shaming in the past because they do things differently, learn how to regain their confidence, so that they can stand up to other people.

Captain RAS and the Focus Filter Machine

Sarah is determined that she is going to have a bad day...Captain RAS is on hand to make sure that she gets just what she asks for.

This book teaches children who tend to look for the downside of life, learn how they can re-programme their brain to look for opportunity and success.  


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