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Hello and thanks for joining me

You might be here because you are curious about Coaching and how it could enhance your approach to life or perhaps you know that you want to make a change in your life and are interesting in the tools I use to support you...

You are in the right place and I will answer all of your questions but first lets get clear on what you want and need.

Many of the women I have guided have reached out for help with the overwhelm of life. Balancing a career, with raising children and keeping a house running start to feel like your on a treadmill which you can’t step off and your looking for the tools and space to bring some calmness, order and clarity into your life.

Others have wanted me on their journey to rediscover that girl who was fun and spontaneous and knew herself and her worth. Often the dedication, that you give willingly, in taking care of your family can leave little room for you and it doesn’t take so very long for that girl to be forgotten.

It could be that you have a very specific area in your life; wealth, vitality, career, relationships, happiness a big decision or an opportunity that you know, with a bit of fine tuning, will make all the difference in the world to the results you want to achieve and your looking for support, impact tools and processes to let you tap into and release your true potential.

What you will gain from working with me


Increase energy and re-ignite your passion

Release what is holding you back


 A safe space free of judgement to cultivate a deepened sense of self-awareness 

Release what is holding you back

Increase energy and re-ignite your passion

Release what is holding you back


Release of beliefs, emotions and behaviors that are currently holding you back 

Increase energy and re-ignite your passion

Increase energy and re-ignite your passion

Increase energy and re-ignite your passion


 Increase in energy levels to enjoy that activities you want to do not have to do 

Positive lasting habits

Positive lasting habits

Increase energy and re-ignite your passion


Developing habits that support the changes you want to make and learn how to establish healthy boundaires in your life.


Positive lasting habits

Loving yourself


 Understanding your values and motivations and how these impact your results 

Loving yourself

Positive lasting habits

Loving yourself


Nurture a loving and caring relationship with yourself


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Be Visible 5-Week in person coaching 9.30 - 11.00 at the Oa

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Do you every feel that you are invisible in your own life? It is so easy to become that person that everyone goes to for help, for advice, that a favour, for a moan, for money, or a lift or … the list goes on and on; but does anybody actually see you?

Do they see YOU? Do they see you are tired, fed up, lonely, plodding, that you want things to change, that you need things to change?

Do you treat yourself as invisible? Insignificant? Letting everybody else’s needs go before your own? Putting everyone else first to the point that you don’t go to the toilet when you need to, you don’t eat when you are hungry, that you forgo your own hobbies to allow everyone else to do what they want to do? That you don’t have connections with people that really matter, you take on more and more responding to others overwhelm and overload, putting yourself at the bottom of the to do list.

Have you got a feeling that you want something to change, that deep inside you are not feeling happy, or fulfilled?

Do you remember her? That girl that was vibrant, funny, turned heads, was driven by her purpose and passion, who had ideas that people listened to, that laughed, cried and experienced it all, do you remember her? Where is she?

I know those feelings too, and I used to feel like many of you reading this post, until I found One Of Many and learned that I could make some small changes in my life that really made me feel better about myself and about life in general. This helped me reconnect with myself, who I really was and what I wanted in life, get clear on who the important people are in my life and started to be seen and want to be visible again.
If you are ready and open to making small changes in your life and want to do something about it then please join me for my 5-week coaching journey – VISIBLE- where you will learn how to play the staring role in your own life once more.

Visible Coaching journey in more detail….
Week one we will start to un-pick why you feel invisible in your own life and why this becomes a cycle of thinking and doing that gets you stuck. We shall explore the roles you perform in your life and consider which roles replenish your energy and which roles ask you to sacrifice your energy. I will introduce you to two tools that will help you to replenish your energy and help you to connect with your more playful and creative side.

Week two is all about noticing when you fall into a behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you well. We can all have days when we blame everyone else for the problems we are currently facing or we shout at the children because they wont get ready for school; or offer to take on others workload even though we are struggling under our own. Why do we do this? It doesn’t make us feel good, it makes us feel guilty and it drains our energy, emotions and power. Well it’s probably because you are not getting your needs met and you are running on empty. We shall take some time to consider your basic needs and what it is you need to make you feel well, balanced and within your power. I shall share tools and techniques with you to help you identify your needs and make them a priority.

Week three is all about emotions; the ones we notice, the ones we push away and the ones we have allergies too and never want to feel. We shall also be examining some of the beliefs you hold about yourself and what you are capable off and releasing any of those that do not serve you well. Once we have cleared all that is not serving you, you will feel empowered and ready to do what you want to do, nothing will be holding you back.

Week four is setting and keeping boundaries. For anyone reading this who does not have the word ‘no’ in your vocabulary, you will by the end of week four. Setting boundaries can often be seen as a negative thing but it actually keeps everyone safe and healthy. We will be learning how to set a boundary, keep it and reclaim space- if you have let a boundary be broken in the past.

Week five is all about reconnecting to your vision and purpose – your Why! Big stuff here but really exciting. When we feel invisible, we are not connecting with our passion and drive, we are holding back. Well not anymore let’s get you reconnected to your Why and let’s start taking steps to realising your dreams.
Then we bring all together and building a sustainable plan for the future. You will be building a network of support to empower you to keep going with what you started. We shall also take time to reflect on the journey you have been on and celebrate your success.