The power of Transformational Tales

If one of your questions was how do you coach children? The tool we use primarily is story telling and let us tell you why…

When we share a story together...


When we share a story together, we make a unique and special connection between the story teller and the listener. 

Our brains are wired to respond to stories in a different way from hearing an instruction or a fact. When we listen to stories, they have an amazing effect on our brains.

Listening to a story switches on several parts of our brain all at the same time; the parts we use for thinking, communicating and feeling things (our emotions). We feel for the characters, their experiences remind us of our experiences, our imaginations allow us to explore places and situations we have not physically experienced ourselves. 

Without nagging, lecturing, begging or teaching we can start to plant ideas, explore tricky topics, change perceptions in the listeners mind simply by reading this story or any story.


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Ways you can work with your child

Share a story


We have a growing library of stories; each one has been written to illustrate a specific topic for emotional growth and development. Our stories can be shared over and over again, make them a new family tradition.

Mindset Library



 Each story has a beautiful handbook that compliments the story and deepens the learning on the coaching area. We have developed a 6 step coaching system that allows you and your child to dive deep into the learning and prepare for the future. 

6 step coaching system

Online Course


 Each book and handbook have an online course for parents that supports you to work through the 6 step coaching system with confidence whilst exploring the  book and handbook with your child.

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Teaching Resources


Our books and handbooks can easily be used within the classroom setting. We have lesson plans and teaching resources available for each book. 

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Online Community


We have a thriving online community of like-minded parents, grandparents, coaches and teachers who want to invest in the next generation, 

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Individual Coaching sessions


Lorna provides individual coaching sessions with you and your child. 

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Six Step Coaching System

We have created a 6 step coaching system to help your child listen, explore and grow from our stories and coaching workbooks

•We Share 

•We Reflect 

•We Explore 

•We Experiment 

•We Prepare 

•We Practice


What you and your child will gain


Family Tradition

The stories are timeless, modern Aesop’s fables if you will, they are to be cherished and read time and time again. Children love stories to be repeated as they love the familiar feeling and each time they hear the story they take in more and more from the story.

Spending Time Together

 We always encourage switching off all the distractions and snuggling up together to read a story, this special time together will be a wonderful memory your child will never forget.  

How to handle a problem

Knowing what to do when a problem arises. When your child comes home from school worried about being different from their classmates why not grab ‘Cass and Little Flower’ and read about a little flower that tried so hard to fit in with everyone else but when she did she could not bloom. It was only when she was herself that she bloomed into the most gorgeous bloom. Reading this story together will allow your child to have the courage to be who they need to be to blossom.  

Tools for Life

We have created this library of stories in a response to a real need we have seen with the children and teens we are working with on a daily basis. We want to put the tools into the hands of people like you, the life skills and resilience skills necessary for our children to grow up feeling happier, calmer and confident. The tools you will be giving them will last them for life and they can take them with them into adulthood. 

Strengthen your relationship

Your child will feel the love, time and energy you are committing to spend with them in this heartfelt way.  We always encourage you to share your own experiences, worries and successes as much as you are asking your child to do the same. By sharing this with your child they will develop a deeper trust and understanding of you and you of them, you will see each other in a different way and in all the time we have been doing this the insights and pearls of wisdom from the children will amaze you.  

Teachable Moments

We are really keen that this feels like a shared journey that you are both on and that your child holds knowledge and wisdom, even if they don’t yet have full access to it. This means that you can learn to trust their instincts more and when you hit bumps in the road remind them of a story you have shared or ask them what the character would do in this situation for example would Harry do in “I can’t Harry” right now? This takes you away from nagging and lets you use this teachable moment more to have a conversation that will get you results you both want to see.