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Perhaps your wondering what you and your child could gain from Coaching and how to even get started? 

We want to answer all your questions for you but first let’s get clear on what brought you here and what you are looking for.

One of the most challenging things about being a parent is seeing your child in pain and upset and not knowing what to do or say to help....

You may be here to find the right tools to open up conversations with your child about the difficult stuff....

Perhaps you value traditional education and know that maths and literacy are great skills to have but you want your child to have skills in emotional intelligence and not simply traditional intellectual areas...

It’s always at the back of your mind that you won’t always be there with your child as they get older to help them make decisions and choices about their actions and behaviour. As parents we hope we have done enough to instil that wisdom in them, to give them a strong moral compass that points in the right direction and helps them back if they go of course. So you may be here to find a different way to impact that wisdom in a fun and engaging way....

How do you teach without preaching? Its not so long ago for you to have forgotten what a turn off it could be when your own parents or teachers tried to speak with you about important stuff and you don’t want to repeat that type of relationship with you and your child, you want a shared language and moral path for your family that is fun to learn about and easy to use. 

Perhaps you have struggled yourself in the self-esteem and confidence department and you don’t want this for your child, history repeating itself, you have that fear in the pit of your stomach that its going to happen all over again and you don’t know how to change it 

We have created a library of mindset stories and resources to help your child become wise for their size.

What our lovely customers have to say...

Hope worked with coach Lorna for 8 weeks

 “Hope is getting more and more confident in different areas. She has far less tantrums and when they do come they are quickly and reasonably resolved. She is more in touch with what her body is telling her and how she is feeling. She seems more happy to try more things and is pleased when she achieves them”. 

Helen, (Hopes Mum) North East England.

Pop over to the library to choose from our selection of books, resources and courses.

Pop over to the library to choose from our selection of books, resources and courses.

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